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Paige “peanutphysique” and Her Medical Advisory Board

We have teamed up doctors, nurse practitioners, health coaches, weight less specialists, nutrition coaches, and personal trainers to create the ultimate passionate, educated hype team to focus on YOU and your unique body & goals!

Hello there! My name is Paige Michael. I have a passion for making a difference and that’s what I’m here to do. I graduated college with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. I specialized in the female body and now work as a full time Mother/Baby Postpartum Registered Nurse!

In my opinion, providing care to others and making personal, loving connections is the most beautiful thing I can give. I began my fitness journey in 2016 because I knew that change was possible. I had a sense of urgency as I felt like there was so much to achieve and I was sitting back, watching it all go by. In that moment, I knew the biggest difference I could start with was my personal health. Nutrition and training changed my outlook on life. I learned discipline and perseverance that I never knew existed. I am so thankful for this complete turnaround as I fell in love with health and strength. Competing with no one but yourself, you develop a dedication that is unrivaled. As my personal experience in fitness progresses and my education in the health and science of the human body is never-ending, I’ve found a passion for guiding others in the direction of building the most optimal body to live in! It is such a blessing to meet others that crave a healthier lifestyle. I cannot put into words my love for helping you along this journey. Welcome to my passion, let’s achieve your dreams!

Darren Dubyak D.C., ABAAHP, CFMP

Advanced Integrative Medical 360 and Body by AIM360’s Clinical Nutrition Director, Dr. Darren Dubyak D.C., ABAAHP, CFMP, has practiced holistic medicine for the past 15 years. As the founder of one of largest integrative medical centers in Western Pennsylvania, Dr. Dubyak and his medical team see over a 1,000+ new patients each year for hormone-balancing, digestive disorders, weight loss, chronic fatigue and stress-related issues. With advanced certifications in anti-aging, medical weight loss and functional medicine, Dr. Dubyak has a passion for helping patients reach their health goals through personalized nutrition medicine. Dr. Dubyak is a proud graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, where he studied sports medicine. He received his Chiropractic degree in 2004 from National Health Sciences University. He has advanced certifications from Functional Medicine University and the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Alexandra Hessom CRNP

Alexandra has been in the healthcare field for 13 years. She started out as a Registered Nurse in 2007 and decided to pursue a higher education shortly thereafter. She went on to become a Nurse Practitioner and currently specializes in cosmetic dermatology and integrative female health.

In addition to her current credentials, she is currently on the path to becoming a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. She believes that there is a healthy middle ground in need of exploration in terms of traditional and functional medicine. She looks forward to combining her knowledge of traditional medicine with her newfound knowledge of functional medicine so that her patients can achieve an overall better state of health and well-being.

Maria Dubyak, ACE Certified Health Coach & Weight Loss Specialist

Maria first started in the wellness industry as a Weight Watchers leader in the Pittsburgh region in 2004. Through successfully helping thousands of clients, Maria quickly became a top leader and trainer for Weight Watchers. As a mom, Maria understands the difficulties of managing proper nutrition and exercise with the responsibilities of running a family. Her excitement and passion to help other women achieve their weight loss and wellness goals has allowed her to become a top local integrative nutrition coach for women’s health.

Taylor Bramhall, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Taylor Bramhall is a Certified Personal Trainer on Paige’s Nutrition and Fitness care team. Born and raised in Pittsburgh but she currently resides in Memphis, Tennessee. She was always an athlete growing up, participated in softball, soccer, kickboxing and karate-softball was her favorite! She found her passion in fitness and health right after high school and hasn’t looked back since. She has been in the fitness industry for 7 years and counting. Where she accomplished many things, from competing in bikini bodybuilding shows to working in sales at a protein bar manufacturing company for many years. She enjoys getting dressed up for a night out with her boyfriend or a night in drinking wine with her friends. But most importantly, Taylor cares about your progress and accomplishments as much as she does her own!

Brian Dubyak, Institute of Integrative Nutrition Coach, NASM-CPT, NASM-CNC, NASM-WLS

Brian has been in the integrative medicine and medical nutrition industry for over 10+ years.  Working one-on-one with functional medicine doctors and patients, Brian specializes in hormone-balancing, digestive issues and weight loss.  Coaching both doctors and patients, Brian creates a goal-oriented system to achieve results.