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Passionate Shake Vegan Chocolate


SKU: PassionateShakeVeganChocolate


Don’t let your health and lifestyle choices stop you from getting absolutely ripped!

Our Passionate Shake Vegan Chocolate is a potent, protein-rich blend of Non-GMO Hemp, Flaxseed, and Pea Protein that helps you support lean muscle mass without any animal-derived proteins. This careful blend of 3 main vegan protein sources are also loaded with essential amino acids and are digested easier by the body.

What makes Passion Shake Vegan great?

Apart from being a complete source of protein, this delicious vegan shake offers you 19 Grams of Protein, 110 Calories, and contains little sugar. Unlike DIY vegan protein that may have a gritty, chalky taste with an insoluble texture, our carefully processed protein is easier on the palate making it the perfect alternative fitness performance shake. Sweetened with natural Stevia, this chocolate flavored vegan shake tastes just incredible.


  • Non-GMO Hemp, Flaxseed, and Pea Protein: Improves muscle growth, cardiovascular health, improves immunity, and is a good source of fiber.
  • 1 Billion CFU Bacillus Coagulans: A great source of probiotics.

Directions: Mixes easily with cold water. Mix 1 scoop with water or milk substitute. Can also be used as a base for making smoothies.


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