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Passionate Shake Whey Chocolate


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The best fuel to accomplish all your physique goals.

Sticking to a lean and protein-rich diet is imperative to supporting lean muscle mass. But maintaining a high protein diet can be quite difficult especially if meal prepping isn’t your forte. Whey Protein helps not only meet your daily protein requirements but also aids in the overall physical performance improvement of your body.

What makes Passion Shake great?

Made using rBST free whey from locally sourced farms in New York and New England, the Passion Shake contains 21 grams of protein in every serving. The addition of water-soluble Fibersol offers a thick texture without any lumps or residue, providing you not only a delicious drink to enjoy but also offering better digestion and absorption by the body.

The unique amino acid and protein profile of the ingredients provide you with the extra nutritional boost to help push harder in the gym and see visibly better results faster than ever before. It is also perfect for those looking to increase body mass.

Available in a yummy chocolate flavor, you can enjoy it as a shake or mix it with fruits for a thick breakfast smoothie.


  • Over 18 different Amino and Fatty Acids: Helps improve blood circulation, muscle mass, energy, endurance, and focus
  • Protein: Helps build muscle and also increases overall strength

Directions: Mixes easily with cold water. Mix 1 scoop with water or use it as a base for making smoothies.


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