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The Hormone & Gut Balance Bundle


This bundle is going to dive deep into the source of all things physically and internally optimal. We are customizing this plan around your gut and your hormones! With a detailed look at your digestion, lifestyle, symptoms, and more, we will be creating a program focusing around healing you from the inside out!
SKU: the-hormone-gut-balance-bundle


-1 month of 1:1 Custom Coaching
-Personalized Meal Plan & Workout Guide
-Weekly Checkins & Accountability
-PassionPhysique App Access
-Client Group Chat Access
-3 Hormone & Gut Focused Supplements: Her Libido, Digest, Her Flora
Instructions: I’m so excited to get started together! Once you purchase a Bundle, your supplement order will be placed immediately and you will receive them within 5-7 business days! Within 24 hours of your Bundle purchase, I will be reaching out to you personally to send you my New Client Assessment form! Please be very detailed when filling this out so that I can customize your programs perfectly for you! Talk soon!


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